The ability to make a firm, informed decision on whether or not it is a good time to invest in any type of real estate in Canada, especially commercial real estate, is an ability that is hard-earned and profound in the advantages it offers anybody in the real estate field. With this information in mind, the introduction of the pandemic to Canadian markets across the country, entering its third year with no end in sight, brings a whole new challenge to the ability of even the most informed Canadian professional to master this skill, and puts up new walls in the smooth and productive efforts of the real estate workforce. 

Having led his construction company through numerous hardships with a drive that led to ultimate gain, Semion Kronenfeld is no stranger to having what it takes to whether the storm of a turbulent market. His experience, knowledge, and strength of character are all qualities that have allowed him not only to develop and master this skill, but to apply it to real world circumstances around him, resulting in a net benefit both to his company’s efforts and to the Canadian real estate market at large. 

Captured by Sean Pollock

Commercial Real Estate in Canada: An Overview of 2021

Taking the time to reflect and examine the lessons learned from the end of the year is always a valuable way to prepare for whatever the new year may bring: this is especially true for Canada’s commercial real estate market. Gathering a strong collection of data on the precipice of 2022 ensures an avenue in which to seek growth, as well as an avenue in which major changes grow increasingly needed. With a year marked by high investor demand and lower interest rates, the ongoing effects of inflation are clearly continuing their effects on the Canadian market. 

As a whole, commercial real estate across Canada has witnessed a tumultuous year. With skyrocketing annual transactions and more locations available to purchase entering 2022 than those of 2021, due in large part to the relentless pressure of the pandemic, more and more land has been converted into property with commercial potential as the world adapts to the new year. 

Best Ways to Seek Investing in the Modern Commercial Real Estate Market 

With the lessons of 2021 in mind, the next step is to focus on the future with the market potential of 2022 on Canadian real estate. However, this is not always a simple task. Figuring out the best ways to invest in the modern commercial real estate market in Canada, especially under the continued conditions of the pandemic, can appear to be a daunting task, but the truth is that with the help of a few simple guidelines and a basic understanding of the industry, there are a number of reliable steps to follow that can go a long way to ensure financial and professional success. 

One of the most important first steps in any real estate opportunity, especially commercial, is to evaluate all of your opportunities and be able to select the one with the most potential for your goals, along with those of your team. Next, forethought and dedication are some of your biggest assets when it comes to the critical tasks of being prepared, financially, legally, and practically, for your major investments. Lastly, don’t forget to commit to adequate follow through: ceasing your efforts after the purchase has been made is a common error that can lead to a net loss at the end of your investment’s lifespan. 

Semion Kronenfeld, having incorporated all of these skills into his leadership ability and personal drive, understands the value and the impact being prepared and ready to devote time and effort into can bring to a successful workforce. As 2022 begins and the world remains uncertain, he is someone who can be sure of one thing at the very least: his ability to make the world a better place along the way to a better future.