Leah from Love Island USA is making waves online and some fans seem to think that the star is rich based on some observations.

Is Leah From Love Island Rich?

July 4, 2024– According to this TikTok video posted by user @jennycee__, there are allegations floating around that Leah from Love Island USA is rich based on how she dresses.


And she has a lil bbl ???? #loveisland

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Leah Love Island USA Instagram

As the TikToker claims, it seems as though Leah wears a lot of name-brand things. The TikToker also alleges that Leah seemingly has money because she claims to have had a horse. Leah also lives in Calabasas which is where the Kardashians live- it is a very trendy place.

Others took to the comment section to share their opinions on claims surrounding Leah:

In this clip of Leah in the villa posted by user @horsesizedhamster, she is also seen wearing Bottega, in which she questions whether Rob knows this luxury brand:


Replying to @Priscillaj Theres no way Leah doesn’t make it to the finals right? #loveisland #loveislandusa #loveislandau #loveislanduk #peacock #nbc #hulu #netflix #watch #realitytv #bottegaveneta #bottega #balenciaga

♬ original sound – horsesizedhamster

Although we don’t have all the details surrounding Leah’s lifestyle, what do you think about the claims? 

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Image Credit: @jennycee__, @horsesizedhamster TikTok

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