The first part of Movie Night was tough for all of the islanders on Love Island USA. A preview for Thursday night seemingly shows Aaron

July 10, 2024– Part one of Movie Night was a hard watch for most of the islanders during this season of Love Island USA. In the dramatic revelation of past moments on the show, we see islanders pitted against one another as moments caught on camera showcased a different side to them than others seemingly thought.

For instance, we saw Kordell’s drama in Casa Amor, Leah and Liv fighting about the night Andrea was sent home, and Daniela and Aaron kissing in Casa Amor.

Love Island USA Aaron and Kaylor

Earlier in the newest episode, we see Aaron confess his love for Kaylor before Movie Night.

Aaron and Kaylor were once coupled up before Aaron went to Casa Amor and had a fling with Daniela. When Daniela came back to the house with Rob, the girls were shocked because of Aaron’s alleged behavior in Casa Amor. During Movie Night, Kaylor- who stayed faithful to Aaron- saw him making out with Daniela in Casa Amor in an unseen-to-the-group clip. He even asked Daniela in that scene if they could “go in the shower.”

In part two of the Movie Night preview, we see Kaylor start crying and Aaron walk away in which it seems as though Rob, his close friend in the house, chases after him.

Love Island USA Aaron Evans

Does Aaron leave Love Island after Movie Night?

It is unclear if that’s the case as the new episode drop is set to debut on Thursday.

We will have to wait and stay tuned to see if Aaron and Kaylor can overcome past Casa Amor drama or if this is the end of the road for them.

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