Could Maria Georgas from The Bachelor be starting a podcast? 

HOLR is breaking down the alleged claims involving the reality star.

TikToker @lynnreality took to the platform to explain a theory involving Maria from The Bachelor potentially starting a podcast with the Unwell Network.


Maria is definitely gearing up for something big #thebachelor #thebachelorette #bachelornation #unwellnetwork #mariageorgas #bachelorabc @Maria Georgas

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The Bachelor Joey Maria

As the TikToker explains, Maria was extremely popular on Joey’s season of The Bachelor recently, in which fans think that something “big” is allegedly coming involving the reality star.

Maria Georgas Bachelor

However, it is interesting to note that Maria has not been seen on other podcast shows since The Bachelor has finished airing which fans found weird because other contestants like Daisy have been on popular podcasts to discuss the season. We also learned recently that Maria allegedly declined the role of The Bachelorette and that her dad would not allow her to go on Bachelor in Paradise.

As the TikToker notes, Maria has seemingly been quiet on social media since The Bachelor ended which has caused speculation online surrounding Maria potentially removing herself from the franchise and starting her own podcast. As the TikToker goes on to explain, perhaps Maria wants to tell her own story her own way on her own channel instead of going on another podcast to talk about her Bachelor experience.

The TikToker did a deep dive on Instagram and found that Maria and Alex Cooper follow one another, which leads to the potential Unwell Network connection.

Now, nothing has been confirmed- this is all speculation. But what are your thoughts surrounding Maria potentially starting her own podcast rumor?

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