There were two episodes of The Bachelor this week as the girls took part in two rose ceremonies to narrow down Joey’s group. The burning question remains- did Maria leave The Bachelor?

Bachelor Spoilers

The following contains spoilers from this week’s latest episode:

Tuesday’s continuation of The Bachelor two-part series saw the women picking up where they left off on Monday’s episode- with Maria and Lea going at it. Many of the women did not engage in the duo’s fight but we saw Lea tell Joey that she is not a fan of Maria.

At the rose ceremony, Joey let go of Allison and Edwina.

During the next leg of the group’s trip, we saw them head to Andalusia, Spain where Joey takes Kelsey for a one-on-one date and she eventually gets a rose.

The Bachelor Maria

The Bachelor Maria

Next up is the group date where Lexi, Daisy, Jenn, Autumn, Maria, Katelyn, Madina, Lea, Jess and Kelsey T. join Joey for a painting date. During this date, Jess wins more time with Joey. When the group portion of the date continues, Maria takes Joey aside and tells him about her fragile relationship with her mother, in which she ends up getting a rose from him after opening up.

Fast forwarding to the rose ceremony during this episode, Maria finds herself in another battle with Jess this time, who is upset that Maria stole Joey from another woman for a chat even though she already has a rose going into the ceremony. Jess, who ends up confronting her and calling Maria a “b*tch,” blames her for not getting any time with Joey before the cocktail party ends.

Who is left on the Bachelor?

At the rose ceremony we see Jess getting a rose while Madina and Autumn are sent home.

It looks like Maria is here to stay as she grows a closer connection with Joey, leaving us with no clear indication that she is actually leaving. Even though she has mentioned this a couple of times, this episode has shown that she is here to win Joey’s heart as she is not afraid to steal time with him and open up.

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