At the live finale of The Bachelor on Monday, March 27, Ariel Frenkel reunited with Zach Shallcross, and she was candid about her thoughts on fantasy suites.

Ariel Frenkel seen moments before her exit from Season 27 of ″The Bachelor.″

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The dream suites episode of the popular reality television series The Bachelor promised to be explosive. Zach was found to have violated his vow to not have a sexual relationship with Gabi. The fact that Zach had informed Kaity, a different contestant, about his choice but had forgotten to tell Ariel, only served to exacerbate the situation. On-screen, Zach, and Ariel had a heartfelt conversation.

How Ariel felt about everything was a concern for the audience. Ariel questioned Zach about his choice on the Bachelor Season finale. Ariel said to Zach, “By taking sex off the table, you made the whole week about sex.” Her remarks highlighted how Zach’s choice affected both her and the other candidates.

Zach apologized for failing to tell Ariel about his night with Gabi. Zach said to Ariel, “I look back and apologize for that.”  In addition, he acknowledged that it was selfish of him to choose without taking the other participants’ feelings into account. “Look back, it pains me at the hurt it caused.” Zach remarked, “I made it one-sided and it was very selfish of me.”

‘The Bachelor' Season 27 Finale: Ariel Frenkel Asks Zach Shallcross About Sleeping With Gabi Elnicki

Image Credit: ABC

With reference to the no intimacy rule of the dream suites week, Ariel said Zach, “If you only waited, you would have found that I was on the same page as you.” Communication is crucial in every relationship, as Zach and Ariel’s exchange on the Bachelor Season Finale special demonstrated.

Viewers had the chance to see two people have an open and sincere discussion on how to handle a challenging circumstance in this episode. Zach said to Ariel, “I apologize for not talking to you before the fantasy suite. I regret that. And if I could go back and change it, I would. I’m sorry for that.”

The live broadcast of The Bachelor finale on ABC continues until 11 p.m. ET.

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