Fan-favorite food influencer, Nara Smith, is allegedly in hot water after allegations started surfacing that i allegedly stealing social media content from another influencer- Onezwa Mbola.

Nara Smith TikTok

June 18, 2024– Is Nara Smith stealing content from another creator for her platform? That is the rumor floating around the TikTok space right now. HOLR is breaking down the claims. Smith is known for creating multiple meals, snacks, and things from scratch- most famously, bubble gum, toothpaste, etc.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @jusnene, people are wondering if Smith is a fake after allegations started swirling online.

Allegedly, fellow creator, Mbola, is alleging that Smith is stealing her recipes and recreating them as her own. The most recent alleged stolen recipe is the Boba Tea recipe Smith posted here.  This is a clip of the two recipes side by side.

Onezwa MbolaTikTok

As the TikToker notes, Mbola claimed that she stopped posting on TikTok and moved over to YouTube because of Smith allegedly stealing her videos. It is alleged that Smith then took to her YouTube content to steal recipes. Allegedly, Smith’s recipes are more “to the point.”

Mbola claims that in South Africa (as she is from there), they don’t make money from their recipes.  Smith makes thousands of dollars from her recipes- allegedly. Smith does follow Mbola but Mbola doesn’t follow Smith.

In this screenshot the TikToker shows, Smith commented on a post claiming that she’s “sorry” Mbola is dealing with these comments and that her content is “inspiring.” However, Smith has claimed that she doesn’t follow Mbola- which is why people are confused.

What are your thoughts on the viral situation- do you think Smith is stealing recipes? This is alleged right now.

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Image Credit: @jusnene, @naraazizasmith TikTok

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