Rumor has it The Bachelor’s Peter Weber may be dating Ekin Su. HOLR breaks down the alleged news.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @mariahkat, fans are speculating that Peter Weber (The Bachelor) may be dating reality star, Ekin-Su (Love Island).

As noted in the video, could this be the start of another reality show love story? The duo both star in the latest season of “The Traitors” together. Now, fans think that the pair may be linked because Weber’s mom started leaving comments on Ekin-Su’s social media posts, as of a few months ago.

The TikToker notes that Weber’s mom then allegedly “hard-launched” Weber and Ekin-Su’s supposed relationship by posting a photo with her on social media. The photo featured herself, Ekin-Su, and Weber’s sister-in-law. Although there is no concrete evidence to support claims that the pair are actually dating, this is very interesting to fans of the show.

As noted in this related video posted by the TikToker, fans also think that Ekin-Su seemingly physically resembles Weber’s ex, Kelly.

What are your thoughts on these alleged claims?

Published by HOLR Magazine.

Image credits: @mariahkat TikTok

Cover photo image credits: @pilot_pete and @ekinsuofficial Instagram