No charges for Taylor Swift’s dad after alleged assault on photographer during her Eras Tour in Sydney.

Taylor Swift‘s father, Scott Swift, has been cleared of charges regarding an alleged assault on an Australian photographer following Taylor’s Eras Tour in Sydney. The incident occurred after Taylor’s final Australian show when Scott reportedly had a confrontation with Ben McDonald at a ferry wharf early on February 27, 2024. Despite an investigation by the New South Wales Police Force, no further action was taken.

McDonald claimed that Scott assaulted him without provocation as Taylor was disembarking from a yacht, but Swift’s representative countered that two individuals were aggressively approaching Taylor and her security team, creating a threatening situation. In response to McDonald’s allegations, Swift’s rep emphasized the aggressive behavior of the individuals involved.

During the incident, an audio clip captured Scott and a security guard advising McDonald not to touch the umbrella Taylor was using for cover. Photos from that night showed Scott holding Taylor’s hand protectively as they navigated through the cameras.

Scott had been actively involved in Taylor’s Eras Tour, earning praise from fans for his interaction during a concert where he distributed sandwiches and fruits to attendees. Fans shared videos of Scott’s gesture, highlighting his engagement with the audience and his efforts to make the experience enjoyable for everyone.

This incident occurred amidst Taylor’s break in the Bahamas with Kelce, following a brief stay in Los Angeles. Scott’s involvement in Taylor’s tour activities, including the incident with the photographer, underscores his supportive role in her career and public appearances.

Despite the initial controversy, Scott’s actions have been framed in the context of protecting Taylor and managing potentially threatening situations during public outings. This episode adds to the ongoing narrative of celebrity security and the challenges faced by public figures and their families in maintaining personal safety amidst media attention and fan interactions.

Published by: HOLR Magazine

Image Credit: @Taylor Swift’s Instagram