The Internet and technology are constantly evolving.

car dashboard

First, we connected to computers and mobile phones, and now even our car is connected to the internet. In the past, it was about closing windows, locking doors, removing valuables, and turning on the car alarm. This is no longer the case, at least not if you have a smart car. This means that even your car can be hacked. Fortunately, there is a VPN, which, together with other measures, can prevent hacking.

This is how hackers can attack your car

If you are the owner of one of today’s smart cars, it is theoretically quite possible for a hacker to take control of your car while speeding on the motorway. Hackers can, among other things, hack the system that monitors the air pressure in your tires. They can also put the brakes out of action or manipulate some of the warning lights that come on when something needs to be repaired. Hackers can take control of your GPS system and radio, or they can transmit viruses through your car radio. If you are one of those who have a car that does not need the traditional key, you may find that hackers unlock your car even if you are not standing next to it.

Many people also connect their smartphones to the car when they go out for a drive. This can make it easy for hackers to obtain the sensitive information you have on your mobile phone.

They simply hack in via the car’s system

The chance that someone will hack your car may not be that great. There is not much to gain financially by ruining for you unless someone is out to steal your car. Car manufacturers are aware of the danger posed by hacking and are creating better and more secure computer systems.

Measures against hacking

Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to secure both your car and your personal information. Make sure you do not enter your address into the GPS. Hackers and car thieves will then gain access to your home with everything they can bring.

Do not leave passwords in the car, so hackers and car thieves cannot use that information to
take over your account. Thus, the feature that allows you to stop the car’s engine will be of little use when you report it stolen. If the car needs a repair, you should only use services with a good reputation. Do not allow anyone to access the car and the car’s computer system.

When it comes to the entertainment system, you can connect via your mobile. To connect
securely, use a VPN. VPN is a smart feature that ensures protection and keeps you private
online. This is because no one can see your original IP address. All data is encrypted and sent
via the VPN server, making it difficult to obtain your private information on the web. You can check your device’s security by Googling “what is my IP.” You might be shocked at how much information you’re giving out.

If you have a smart car, it can be beneficial to be aware of when you are online and when you
are offline. Be offline as often as you can, and be sure to protect yourself by using a VPN. It is
also important to make sure to update the car’s computer system every time the manufacturer informs you that this is necessary. Then you can feel confident that you are doing what you can to prevent possible hacking of your car.

Published by HOLR Magazine.