Nova Scotia based Bend Beauty is a Canadian premium beauty brand that offers the ultimate ingestible beauty products, which are formulated with clinically proven ingredients that work in synergy to transform your skin from the inside out. They are a proven, convenient supplement to help you take your regular routine to the next level. Bonus – Bend Beauty is a proud member of 1% For the Planet and they also use responsibly sourced ingredients.     

Bend Beauty’s Founder, Marc St-Onge, gets the science behind skincare – and has over 10 years of experience with research and product development in addition to being recognized as a leader with a proven track record of innovation.

Anti-Aging Formula

Their foundational product Anti-Aging Formula has the ability to deliver 6 powerful anti-aging ingredients that optimizes skin health by increasing elasticity, firmness, hydration, and skin resistance to UV-induced sunburns. This is the perfect product to amp up your anti-aging skincare regimen.

Marine Collagen + Co-Factors

The Marine Collagen + Co-Factors helps protect against age-related decline by promoting the production of healthy collagen. The powerful trio of fish collagen peptides, silicon, and whole-food vitamin C helps to rejuvenate the skin and provides a significant boost to hair and nail health.