Goodbye visible aging! NEOSTRATA’s new “Overnight Anti-Pollution Treatment” is here to work with our skin while we sleep and cleanse all those unavoidable toxins we come into contact with every day! Whether you spent the day at home, or were out running errands, this recovery and fortifying gel-cream will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed each morning!

No matter how nurturing and careful we are with our skin we cannot entirely avoid skin-damaging polluters. Simple tasks such as going to the grocery store, a quiet walk alone in your neighbourhood, or even cleaning your kitchen put our skin in direct contact with a range of damaging aggressors and polluters. 

We wash our skin at the end of the day to try and clear away all the germs and other pollutions that we came into contact with because our bedtime is the most optimal time for healthy skin recovery. Have you noticed when we don’t get a good night’s sleep, we can see it not only under our eyes but also in our complexion? That’s because while we are asleep, we are offering our skin a ‘healing’ process, while we sleep our skin works to heal and regenerate. It’s our “Master Clock”, or better known as our Circadian Rhythms; striking up a certain part of our body to work while another is resting. It’s why we wake up differently with morning breathe after the last thing in our mouth is toothpaste, why allergies are worse in the morning, and why beauty sleep is a real thing. Sleep allows our skin to reveal a fresh layer for the new day ahead! 

In May 2020 NEOSTRATA released an “Overnight Anti-Pollution Treatment”, designed specifically to work with our Circadian Rhythm to cleanse our face of pollutions and other toxins while we sleep. It contains 8% Polyhydroxy acids for a gentle skin exfoliate that leaves you waking up radiant, antioxidant lilac plant extract to target visible damage and amino acid with evening primrose oil that keeps skin hydrated while supporting the moisture barrier. The result? A radiant complexion of soft, velvety skin that feels immensely hydrated and firmer in only 4 weeks!! 

Other wonderful antioxidants and pollution products include Ultra brightening cleanser, Antioxidant defense serum – for mornings, Comprehensive retinol 0.3% Night Serum, and Comprehensive Retinol Eye Cream. 

Check out NEOSTRATA’s Overnight Anti-Pollution treatment and their other wonderful antioxidant, anti-aging products here! 

Say goodbye to visible aging and other skin damage caused by our everyday tasks, and feel fresh, renewed, and radiant every morning!