Why is Jackie Oshry trending? HOLR is breaking it down.

Jackie Oshry has been trending on the discussion platform, Reddit lately. HOLR is breaking down the reasons why.

Jackie Oshry Instagram

Jackie is a podcast host and content creator who is the sister of Claudia Oshry. Jackie is the co-host of The Morning Toast Podcast. She is also the Founder and CEO of Turdy Lou Global, as mentioned in her Instagram bio. It seems like she posts regular lifestyle content and recently announced that she is pregnant in this post from 7 weeks ago.


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Jackie Oshry Husband

Jackie and her husband just celebrated their 4 year anniversary approximately 9 weeks ago, as mentioned in this Instagram post.

jackie oshry husband

Image Credit: @jackieoshry Instagram

Jackie Oshry Reddit

Why is Jackie Oshry trending on Reddit? Supposedly, the content creator released a book called The Camper and The Counselor, by Jackie Oshry. Reddit users have taken to the platform in this thread to discuss the news regarding Jackie’s book.

According to some of the Reddit comments, someone posted and delete Jackie’s book. However, another user found the link (here) and Reddit users took to the thread to talk about the lack of reviews.

jackie oshry

Image Credit: REDDIT

Users were also “losing it” at this one-star review screenshot posted on the Reddit platform.

jackie oshry

Image Credit: REDDIT

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