According to recent outlets, a gold heist is being investigated at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport where $20 million worth of gold and other high-value goods have reportedly been stolen.

According to this article, Peel Regional Police shared an update on a recent heist that occurred at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, which occurred on Monday, April 17. Supposedly, a “high-value container” was stolen from a holding cargo facility at the airport. This occurred after it was taken off of a flight that had landed at Pearson.

Toronto Person Airport Gold Heist

Police are not disclosing any information involving which airline was responsible for shipping and delivering the goods. As well, it has been deemed that the goods were removed by “illegal means.” “This is very rare,” stated Inspector Stephen Duivesteyn in regard to the heist.

It is reportedly too soon to tell if this was a professional job. Additionally, police are working to determine if the gold is still in the country or not. As a result, the investigation is still ongoing.

YYZ Gold Heist

Reddit users have taken to the platform to discuss this recent incident in this thread titled, “Massive gold heist being investigated at Toronto Pearson Airport.”

Take a look at some of the comments and theories, below.

“Valuable metals are probably the easiest to steal. Crypto can be traced, money has serial numbers….gold is perfect,” stated one user.

“They probably sent that box on a different plane to the wrong destination. Seriously though, it’s only $20 million. We don’t know if it was bullion or coins or what but current market value is up to $2700/oz or $87,000/kg. So that’s 253kg (557lbs) of gold. One cubic centimeter of pure gold is 19.3g, so 253kg takes up 13,100cm3. That’s less than half a cubic foot, 12×12×6. Too heavy to carry but not that much. You could put it in the trunk of basically all cars,” theorized another user.

Others took this as an opportunity to make jokes about the situation:

“Has anyone seen Jason Statham lately?” said one user.

“Oddly reassuring that in this era of financial crimes, crypto scams and data theft, there’s still those out there working the good ol fashioned gold heist,” stated another.

“I’ve experienced Toronto traffic – there’s no way they escaped by car,” joked another user.

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