Patrick Mahomes’ younger brother, Jackson Mahomes, was caught on surveillance video allegedly sexually assaulting a woman – the owner of an Overland Park restaurant- a few weeks ago.  

Caution: Content warning. The following video contains graphic content. 

According to this TikTok video reposted by user @thekansascitystar, Jackson Mahomes can be seen allegedly sexually assaulting the owner of an Overland Park restaurant a few weeks back.


Police are investigating allegations that Jackson Mahomes, 22, assaulted a waiter and the owner of an Overland Park restaurant last weekend. In separate incidents, the younger brother of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes allegedly shoved the 19-year-old male waiter more than once and later forcibly kissed the 40-year-old female owner of Aspens Restaurant and Lounge, 6995 W. 151st St. Police have been evaluating the establishment’s surveillance video recordings from last Saturday night as part of their investigation, restaurant owner Aspen Vaughn told The Star. An attorney for Jackson Mahomes provided the following statement: “Jackson has done nothing wrong,” Brandan Davies said. “Our investigation has revealed substantial evidence refuting the claims of Jackson’s accuser including the statements of several witnesses. We have reached out to law enforcement to provide the fruit of our investigation so that they may have a complete picture of the matter.” In an interview and a series of followup texts with The Star, Aspen Vaughn recounted the events of last Saturday, which the waiter also backed up. She also provided a video purportedly showing Jackson Mahomes grabbing her by the throat and kissing her at least twice in her office shortly after 10 p.m. His advances were unwelcome and shocking, she said, and she believes he was intoxicated. Read more at kansascity.com.

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The distressing video of Jackson and the owner of the restaurant has since gone viral. Jackson is the brother of the Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. Jackson has been accused of assault and police are investigating the alleged incident.

This video is making headlines again as Patrick recently took to his platform to address claims that he “isn’t worried about only focusing on making money in the NFL” as noted here. As a result, a YouTuber, Mikerophone, took to his channel to talk about Patrick’s remarks and praise his efforts. He did, however, touch on Jackson in his statements, as noted in this article.

The only flaw you could find on him [Patrick] is Jackson Mahomes and that’s completely out of Patrick’s control. Yes Patrick your clout destroyed your brother, so, I guess you could have that weighing on your conscious.”

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