The glamour of Bollywood met the finesse of fashion as Janhvi Kapoor graced the runway as the showstopper for renowned designers Shantanu and Nikhil at the Filmfare Awards Curtain Raiser fashion event.

The event was a visual spectacle, capturing the essence of style and sophistication.

The 69th Filmfare Awards, in collaboration with Gujarat Tourism, unfolded on January 28 at GIFT City in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, attracting a multitude of stars to the Curtain Raiser event held last night. Commencing the evening, renowned designers Shantanu & Nikhil orchestrated a captivating fashion show, featuring the talented actor Janhvi Kapoor as the showstopper. Dressed in a stunning creation by Shantanu & Nikhil, Janhvi graced the ramp, showcasing the designers’ exquisite craftsmanship. The predominant color theme of the show was black, accentuated by a few statement pieces in other hues, including the striking siren red. Scroll down to discover the captivating ensemble worn by the showstopper.

The couture showcased at the Filmfare Awards Curtain Raiser was nothing short of a symphony of fashion. Shantanu and Nikhil’s designs seamlessly blended contemporary aesthetics with traditional elements, creating ensembles that were both bold and timeless. Janhvi Kapoor, the epitome of elegance, carried each outfit with poise, adding her unique charm to the already mesmerizing creations.


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Filmfare Awards Curtain Raiser

Janhvi Kapoor elegantly graced the runway adorned in a black gown from the fashion repertoire of Shantanu & Nikhil. The snippets capture her in the spotlight, taking on the role of the showstopper for the esteemed designers. The visuals showcase her alongside other models, striking poses that exude charm, and warmly interacting with the audience alongside Nikhil. For the occasion, the designers opted for a velvet black gown, accentuating Janhvi’s allure, and styled it with tasteful minimal accessories.

In Janhvi’s black velvet gown, the design showcases a broad neckline, a meticulously corseted bodice with structured boning to embrace her torso, complemented by a broad corset belt layered over the gown. The ensemble is further adorned with an embellished leather belt, accentuating her waist, and a figure-hugging silhouette that gracefully sculpts her enviable frame. The mermaid fall of the skirt adds a touch of elegance, flowing into a floor-sweeping hem length. The gown is completed with sheer full-length sleeves and intricate wire embellishments on the cuffs and fingers, adding a captivating and unique flair to the ensemble.

Complementing the black velvet gown, Janhvi opted for a minimalistic accessory approach, featuring dainty earrings, rings, and coordinating black high heels. Her makeup ensemble included feathered brows, winged eyeliner, mauve pink eye shadow, a touch of blush on the cheeks, a beaming highlighter, mascara enhancing the lashes, and subtle contouring, enhancing the overall glamour of the gown. To complete the look, Janhvi’s side-parted tresses were styled in voluminous blowout curls, adding a defining touch to her elegant appearance.

The Filmfare Awards Curtain Raiser fashion event not only previewed the glamour that awaits at the main awards ceremony but also celebrated the union of Bollywood and high fashion. Janhvi Kapoor’s presence on the runway added an extra layer of excitement, making it a memorable evening for fashion enthusiasts and film aficionados alike.

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