Fans of One Piece can take heart as the manga has resumed after a two-week break with Chapter 1077 and will release Chapter 1078 without any delays.

One Piece Chapter 1078 spoilers : r/OnePiece

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One Piece fans have been dying to find out the identity of the traitor behind the mayhem on Egghead Island for a few months now. The traitor turned out to be someone very unexpected, despite the fact that fans had many preconceived notions about who it would be. The largest bomb, nevertheless, has not yet exploded.

One Piece chapter 1078’s initial spoilers stated that the outcome of the situation on Egghead Island would shock the entire globe. Here is a summary of chapter 1078 spoilers in case you can’t wait till the full publication to learn what occurs.

Chapter 1078 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1078 Spoilers: The Traitor of Egghead Island Revealed!! -  Anime Senpai

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The title of the new chapter is “Escape Time Limit,” and the image on the cover page shows Judge and Ceaser holding hands while German soldiers rejoice over their union. Also seen in the background are Renju and Ichiji.

Stussy begins the chapter by speaking to Sentoumaru and informing him that Marine Forces have arrived on Egghead Island as a backup after the World Government began taking extreme precautions due to Vegapunk’s extensive research, which goes far beyond Ohara, and secondly because the Egghead Island has a defense force. The population of Egghead Island begins to evacuate as the World Government takes drastic steps.

A cut to Franky’s group reveals him to be partially paralysed as a result of having half of his body transformed into stone. He can still speak, though. As Pythagoras, who is in tears, asks S-Snake who gave her the orders, she doesn’t answer and instead jumps on him, setting off a massive explosion.

Robin suddenly appears, and he speculates that Stella might have experienced some sort of incident. Robin requests that Atlas take her and Chopper to the abandoned lab after Atlas says there is one there that they could inspect.

Back at Sanji’s group, Nami is seen cradling Edison in her arms, while Brook, now in ghost form, makes the decision to search for Vegapunk. Sanji continues to allow S-Shark to punch him, but it has little effect on him as their fight goes on. Sanji says that the power of love is to blame for this.

Cut to  Luffy’s group; Seraphim don’t let their flames die, thus Luffy and the team still can’t control them. S-Hawk vanishes and Luffy surmises that he must have gone hunting down the group’s weaker members in order to divert the attention of the stronger ones. Zoro and Kaku decide to follow S-Hawk while Luffy and Lucci carry on their conflict with S-Bear.

The focus of the following panel changes to Bonny, who is depicted sulking while contemplating Kuma’s memories. Then the narrator continues, “All of these incidents took place the day before the well-known “Egghead Incident.” But, this incident’s origins date back three months.”

Next, in a flashback, we witness Holy Land Mary Geoise getting information on Vegapunk’s research of the Void Century from an unknown source. The World Government consequently dispatched a few CPO agents to look into the situation, but they were never heard from again.

The informal truce eventually called again and insisted on speaking with Gorousei directly. Gorousei sent the CPO agents to kill Vegapunk after the unidentified person persuaded the former that the latter was the traitor.

One Piece Chapter 1078 Spoilers: The Traitor of Egghead Island Revealed!!

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One Gorousei member, Kizaru, and Marine forces from all Marine Bases made the decision to accompany him in case Vegapunk retaliates. Then, a group of musicians, including Marines, Vice Admiral Doll, Saturn, and Kizaru, appears. Then, according to the narrator, the incident’s outcome will shock the globe in a way that no one could have predicted.

Last but not least, the chapter shows York as the traitor, who is seen in front of Stella. She is seen with the same cheery smile on her face, but this time it is ominous.

The two then engage in conversation. When York announces that she would become a Tenryuubito, Stella asks why she would choose to become such a dreadful human being. Shaka, according to York, would never say such a thing, but he is now deceased. She asserts that there is only room for one Vegapunk in the world at the chapter’s conclusion.

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