Explore the film’s box office journey, including its record-breaking opening, sustained momentum, and how it has fared in different international markets.

The success of Shah Rukh Khan’s recently released movie “Jawan is not stopping. The success of this movie is still unstoppable at the box office- not just in India, but globally. In the world of cinema, few names command the global stage quite like Shah Rukh Khan. The Badshah of Bollywood, as he’s affectionately known, has once again proven his star power with his latest release, “Jawan.”

This highly-anticipated film has been taking the international box office by storm, inching ever closer to the remarkable milestone of Rs 700 crores in global collections. Released earlier this year, “Jawan” has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with its compelling story, stellar performances, and breathtaking visuals. Directed by Atlee, the film combines drama, romance, and social commentary in a way that only Bollywood can master.

As shown in the Tweet below, the movie’s global box office journey has been marked by steady and impressive growth. The day-wise collection of the movie is Day 1 – ₹ 125.05 cr, Day 2 – ₹ 109.24 cr, Day 3 – ₹ 140.17 cr, Day 4 – ₹ 156.80 cr, Day 5 – ₹ 52.39 cr, Day 6 – ₹ 38.21 cr, Day 7 – ₹ 34.06 cr, Day 8 – ₹ 28.79 cr. Total collection till now is – ₹ 684.71 cr, definitely at the end of the day it will cross ₹ 700 crore.

“Jawan” stands as a shining example of Bollywood’s ability to create films with global appeal. Shah Rukh Khan’s remarkable performance, coupled with a compelling narrative and outstanding direction, has propelled the film to the cusp of the Rs 700 crore mark in global box office collections. As it inches closer to this monumental milestone, “Jawan” serves as a testament to the enduring popularity of Bollywood and the magnetic allure of Shah Rukh Khan, the Badshah of Bollywood.

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