Big Screen Star Jennifer Coolidge Makes Debut On TikTok With A Viral Video

White Lotus star, Jennifer Coolidge made her debut on Tiktok yesterday night and it is safe to say, her first Tiktok was an absolute hit.

The actress posted a Tiktok looking gorgeous with a greenscreen behind her.

“Hi, this is my first Tiktok,” Jennifer says “and I was trying to think of something cool to do, and I think I’m just gonna do a poem that I like” The star then goes into reciting the song ‘Jenny From the Block’ by Jennifer Lopez, finishing it off by saying “I’m still Jenny. Jenny from the block.”  The camera then pans over to Jennifer Lopez who nods her head in approval. “I like that, I really really like that,” Lopez says.


Trying out TikTok! ?? @jlo

♬ Jenny from the Block (Bronx Remix – Edit) – Jennifer Lopez

The new TikTok currently has 3.4 million views with 815.5k likes.

Celebrity Reactions

Since the video has been uploaded, a few celebrities have taken it upon themselves to leave some comments on the video.

‘Sweet Home Alabama’ actress, Reese Witherspoon logged on to send a few laughing faces at the two.

Via TikTok @jennifercoolidge

TikTok Star, Dylan Mulvaney headed to the comments to write,

“Welcome !!! We’re so happy to have you”

Via TikTok @jennifercoolidge

Even Cirque De Soleil’s verified account left a comment, “HI MOM”

Via TikTok @jennifercoolidge

Published By: HOLR Magzine