Fans think that they caught Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck fighting in a car recently- following allegations of divorce.

Jen and Ben Divorce

According to this TikTok video posted by user @thecelebrityfinder, Jen and Ben were reportedly seen having an argument in a car recently. This clip follows recent claims that the couple are reportedly going through a rough patch in their marriage, with allegations of divorce coming soon (nothing has been confirmed,)


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As you can see in the clip, Ben and Jen are in the car talking to one another but it seems as though their body language indicates that they are fighting. People in the comment section tried to decipher what the duo was talking about and left their alleged lip reading suggestions in the comments:

People supposedly think that Jen interrupts Ben as he is talking, which leads him to allegedly say, “Can I talk,” to which Jen seemingly responds with, “Don’t do that.”

This clip follows alleged claims that the couple may be getting a divorce- but nothing has been confirmed and this is the first time the couple has been spotted together recently.

Although the conversation between the duo has not yet been confirmed 9includign whether or not it was an argument/fight), what do you think about the alleged clip of the pair talking? 

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Image Credit: @thecelebrityfinder TikTok

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