Ben Affleck’s expressions at the 2023 Grammy Awards have gone viral. We’re breaking down the reasons why.

Ben Affleck has gone viral for the facial expressions he made at the Grammys- or, lack thereof.

Ben Affleck and JLo

The duo slayed the Grammys in style, with Jennifer Lopez presenting an award that night. While on stage, she said, “I love music’s biggest night, and I am so excited to present our first Grammy Award this evening,” as mentioned here.

Ben Affleck Grammys

In a recent video circulating online, Affleck and his wife Jennifer Lopez are seen watching the Grammys. Lopez looks like she’s having fun while Affleck looks like he’s just…there! The star looked almost bored to be in attendance while his wife Lopez was dancing along to the music and intently listening to the ceremony. As a result, Affleck has gone viral! The star is expressionless while watching the live award ceremony alongside his wife, which caused his reactions to go viral online.

Check out some of the social media posts that have gone viral showcasing the couple at the award show and Affleck’s lack of expression, below!

ben affleck

Image Credit: @mattwilstein Twitter

ben affleck

Image Credit: @SpencerAlthouse Twitter


What do you think of Affleck’s lack of expression at this year’s Grammys?

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