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Comedians Jessica St Clair and Casey Wilson announce new audiobook “The Art of Small Talk.”

Which St Clair says might be a “love letter to Kim Kardashian.”

But says “I’m fine with that.”

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Comedian Jessica St Clair

Recently, the podcast hosts revealed an encounter they had in New York City’s Javits Center bathroom-

With Kim Kardashian. And they say it paved the way for this new project.

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Speaking exclusively with PEOPLE on December 7, 47-year-old St Clair explained the book in detail.

What is “the art of small talk?”

St Clair first explained the reasons for creating this audiobook.

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Credit Image: Jessica St Clair @stclairjessica

And claimed that even when people think they hate small talk, they really don’t.

Also, she explained that the audiobook is designed to help introverts and extroverts alike.

The goal in releasing the “The Art of Small Talk” St Clair says is to “help introverts get better at small talk,”

While also helping introverts and extroverts “bridge the gap” between the personalities.

“Whether or not you are somebody who thinks you’re comfortable with small talk, you may be making it more uncomfortable for somebody and you don’t realize that” St Clair explained.

What is Casey Wilson known for?

However, it was Wilson who shared an experience with small talk and explained the connection she felt.

“I’ve had the experience where someone says something to you [and] it’s almost like it was meant to be that you had that conversation,” Wilson shared.

“Jess and I do believe there’s kind of a cosmic, spiritual component to small talk that makes life fun.”

St Clair revealed small talk saved her life.

She said that small talk had once led her to seeking medical treatment after a “life threatening scare.”

Believing that by engaging in small talk allows us to see each other as human beings and lead to life saving opportunities.

Additional bonuses in the audiobook include-

Humour and expert research to explore the benefits of small talk, interviews with mental health experts and comedians.

Such as, Colin Quinn and Amy Poehler, whom St Clair credits as one of the best small talkers.

“The Art of Small Talk” will be available on March 5, 2024, from Pushkin Industries.

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