John Mulaney recently grieved the loss of his dog. The comedian has also been approached to replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. This is what people are saying.

John Mulaney is trending. HOLR is breaking down why.

 John Mulaney Petunia

Mulaney is grieving the loss of his dog, Petunia. He shared a touching tribute yesterday on social media with the news.


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The caption reads, “Petunia, I loved you from the first moment I saw you. Rest in peace. Thank you for being my little shadow.”

Petunia had her own Instagram feed, and Mulaney and his ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler shared the French bulldog.

John Mulaney Baby J

Mulaney was previously approached to replace Jon Stewart at The Daily Show after his departure back in 2015. As mentioned in this article, at the time, Mulaney did not take the opportunity due to his sitcom being canceled after one season.  “It was shortly after the SNL 40th anniversary. I had a sitcom on Fox. They aired all 13 [episodes] but it was canceled. It didn’t do good numbers. I remember going to dinner with Kent. I was extremely flattered that y’all were asking me about it. I sensed they would be big shoes to fill,” said Mulaney.

It was officially Trevor Noah who took over from Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, but he has since left the network earlier this year.

Mulaney is currently promoting his Netflix special, Baby J, out now on the streaming platform. As described on Netflix, this show is “A chaotic intervention. An action-packed stay in rehab. After a weird couple of years, John Mulaney comes out swinging in his return to the stage.”

John Mulaney Reddit

Mulaney is trending on Reddit- here’s what some users have to say about the comedian and how he may have potentially taken Jon Stewart’s place on The Daily Show: “Weird choice, I can’t think of a single political thing John has said,” said one user on this thread.

When discussing his latest Netflix show, Baby J, one user said this: “His first standup special since his relapse, breakdown, divorce and birth of his child. This will be interesting, that’s for sure.”

Some other threads also discuss his relationship with Olivia Munn, who he shares a son with. Here is what one user thinks about the duo’s relationship: “Honestly [I’ve] always thought they were just hooking up and then she got pregnant and they decided to be together after that. If they didn’t have a kid I don’t think they would still be together.”


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