There’s nothing more frustrating than a bad hair day. On a mission to make hair care simple and quick, JŪS, by Oreya, is a Toronto-based hair care brand determined to end the war, many women go through with their hair. 

Realizing there was a need for uncomplicated hair care, the founder of JŪS by Oreya, Alexa Brittany — “Lex”,  knew just what she needed to do. Brittany developed the revolutionary All Natural Hair Refreshment Mask, which skyrocketed the brand into household name status, leading the brand to develop into a full line of hair care products. The All Natural Hair Refreshment Mask was designed for all hair types, but the real x-factor of this product is its ability to apply smoothly on wet or dry hair, making it incredibly easy to throw on when you’re in a rush or out and about. Composed of only natural ingredients, this game-changing hair mask is sure to become a staple in everyone’s bathroom, just as it has with all of your favourite beauty influencers. 

After the undoubted success of the Refreshment Mask, Alexa went on to formulate an All Natural Hair Oil Treatment, and a Hair Dew. The Hair Oil can be used on both dry and wet hair as a treatment to manage dry scalp and nourish dry, damaged/processed hair. It can also be used as an everyday styling product for very thick and curly hair. The Hair Dew is a serum that is perfect for both styling and taming frizz without weighing down your hair.

The latest additions to the JŪS by Oreya hair care line includes a shampū and conditioner created for all hair types. Also known as the hair cleanser, JŪS’s shampū is a combination of nature’s most coveted ingredients, including; coconut water, avocado oil, oat protein, and more. Designed to restore your hair to its natural PH balance, JŪS’s shampū is sure to revive your hair back to its beautiful natural self. To pair with the shampū, JŪS created the perfect conditioner to go with it. Also known as a hair moisturizer, the JŪS conditioner was designed to give you that flawless look, providing an extra silky smooth finish. Composed of Ontario raw honey, broccoli seed oil, and more, the JŪS conditioner is sure to allow you to take care of your hair easily. All products apart of JŪS’s hair care line are unisex and designed for all hair types. To learn more about JŪS by Oreya, you can visit their website at