Our hair can go through a lot, especially the last few months of not being able to treat it its best as salons have been closed. But now you can start taking care of your thin, weakened hair with René Furterer’s NEW Tonucia Natural Filler Pro-Youth Ritual. 

René has relaunched their infamous tonucia collection of pro-youth ruitals for thin, brittle hair with all new ingredients. Our hair can be neglected from time to time, but just like our skin, it needs to be nourished and taken care of because as we age it changes. Our scalps with time age, our dermis becomes thinner, our sebaceous glands start to produce less sebum, which leads to slowing down the regeneration of cells, meaning less and less collagen and elastin are produced. All these terms are what make our hair strong and healthy. 

With Tonucia Natural Filler Pro-Youth Ritual you will be bringing back life to your hair and slowing down the ageing process, with simple, clean and plant-based ingredients that will bring a little TLC to your hair care routine. 

Tonucia Replumping Shampoo $36 – 200ml  

Made up of gentle cleansing agents, and enriched with plant-based hyaluronic acid, the Replumping Shampoo gently cleanses the hair and recharges it with water. Infused with microbeads of orange essential oil, it revitalizes and strengthens the hair fibre from the roots up. 

Tonucia Replumping Conditioning Mask $36- 100ml 

This treatment with its novel aqua-gel texture melts into the hair to rehydrate and redensify it instantly, leaving it full of bounce. The pump bottle packaging guarantees optimal use – with just 2 pumps, the right dose is delivered! 

Tonucia Concentrated Youth Serum $38- 75ml  

The secret of youth to protect the scalp and reveal hair that is voluptuous, strengthened and shiny. Enriched with antioxidants, like lemon balm, the Concentrated Youth Serum protects the scalp from free radicals generated by environmental stresses while reducing collagen degradation.

With products like these, your hair is going to thank you, and you are going to look and feel amazing by following this ritual.