Are the Biebers having twins?

HOLR breaks down the claims.

Justin Bieber Baby

According to this TikTok video posted by user @laurenisgossip, Justin Bieber’s mom may have accidentally spilled the beans that the Biebers are having twins!


Did Justin Bieber’s MOM Pattie Mallette accidentally announce Hailey and Justin are having twins?

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Hailey Bieber Baby

As the TikToker explains, the Biebers recently announced that they are expecting their first child together.

Justin Biebers’ mom, Pattie, reportedly left a comment under Stephen Baldwin’s (Hailey’s dad) post celebrating the news. It said:

This sparked excitement online as people thought she was referring to the Biebers being pregnant with multiple babies, such as twins.

However, Pattie quickly cleared up the rumors by replying:

It looks like the Biebers are just having one baby for now but we’ll see what the future holds!

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Image Credit: @laurenisgossip TikTok, @stephenbaldwin7 Instagram

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