Hailey Bieber Nepo Baby

Hailey Bieber

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Recently, Hailey Bieber addressed the time she wore a white T-shirt that read, “Nepo Baby.” Given that people have been critiquing the fact that Hailey comes from a famous family, she seems to be embracing it. In a recent interview for The Circuit, the model opened up about the reason she chose to have that message on the T-shirt.

“My point to having worn the T-shirt was not to poke fun at it or be like, ‘Yeah I’m a nepo baby haha,’ type of a thing. It was more so to be like, ‘This is what everyone is saying and I want you to know that this is my way of responding to it.’ ” Hailey, 26, said. “I’m just going to call myself a nepo baby, because I am one, and I embrace that I am.” she added.

“What was funny about that to me, the way the internet is, it’s like nothing’s ever enough. You’re going to sit there and call me a nepo baby all day long, but then I acknowledge it and then I’m not enough of a nepo baby? There is never any winning with the internet, and that’s what I’ve always time and time again realized.” Hailey continued.

Nepo Baby Meaning

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According to this article, a nepo baby “is the offspring of a famous person who follows their parent into the creative industries, and often is met with success despite the competition.”

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