Justin Roiland Text Messages and DMs

The domestic violence charges against Justin Roiland, the co-creator and voice actor of Rick and Morty, have been dropped by US prosecutors due to a lack of sufficient evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. The charges involved an ex-girlfriend, and Roiland had vehemently denied the allegations.

Roiland took to Twitter to express his relief at the outcome, saying: “I’m still deeply shaken by the horrible lies reported about me.” He also expressed his disappointment that so many people were quick to judge him without knowing the facts, based solely on the word of an embittered ex. He added that he wanted to move forward and put the ordeal behind him.

Justin Roiland dms

Justin Roiland Dms

Prior to the charges being dropped, Justin Roiland Dms was trending on Reddit. A Reddit thread, showed multiple inappropriate messages that were allegedly sent from Justin. See all of the messages here.

Justin Roiland Text Messages

Justin Roiland Text Messages

The co-creator of Rick and Morty also acknowledged the negative impact that the accusations had on his career. When the charges first came to light in January, Adult Swim, the Cartoon Network subsidiary that aired the show, cut ties with Roiland, and Rick and Morty was to continue without him for its seventh season. Hulu, where Roiland worked on animated shows Solar Opposites and Koala Man, also dropped him days later.

Roiland’s vindication may pave the way for him to return to his previous roles. However, this latest development has also brought renewed attention to allegations of Roiland sending inappropriate texts to minors, with some of the messages being shared on Reddit. It remains to be seen how this will impact Roiland’s career going forward.

In response to the allegations, Roiland’s lawyer said that the texts were “taken out of context” and that they had been “weaponized” against him. The allegations have not led to any legal action against Roiland at this time.

The dropping of charges against Roiland has prompted speculation as to whether Adult Swim and Hulu will reinstate him to his previous positions.

Article published by HOLR Magazine.