Kaylee Gain fight video went viral online after it was revealed that a brawl led to a coma. 

Kaylee Gain Attacker

According to this article by TMZ, another student engaged in a fight that was recorded on March 8 with Gain, in which the harrowing video circulated widely online. The fight shows the two struggling with one another as Gain’s head is slammed into the ground multiple times by the other student. Gain suffered traumatic brain injuries following this fight.

Kaylee Gain Full Video

HOLR will not be linking to the attack video as it contains disturbing and graphic content.

Kaylee Gain Fight

This fight garnered attention on the internet because of how brutal it was. The student who attacked Gain was reportedly arrested allegedly based on first-degree felony charges. A hearing will ultimately demonstrate whether this student- who is allegedly 15- is tried as an adult based on what happened.

Kaylee Gain Update

In a new update, Gain is reportedly walking just a few short months after the incident. However, Gain landed in a coma after the fight and will still require surgery to fix a bone flap that has not healed. As a result, she has to wear a helmet as part of the recovery process. Although Gain has woken up from the coma, she still has a long road ahead of her as she battles with the aftermath of severe injuries as a result of this fight.

Kaylee Gain Missouri

According to this TikTok video posted by user @crimetalestok, the teen accused of attacking Gain wants to apologize.


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Kaylee Gain What Caused The Fight Reddit

As the TikToker goes on to say, the student left Gain with a skull fracture and brain bleed in the brutal March 8 attack.

It is unclear what led to the brutal fight involving Gain getting beaten up.

Kaylee Gain GoFundMe

Gain’s family has created a GoFundMe in order to help with Gain’s ongoing recovery.

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Image Credit: @crimetalestok TikTok

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