Keanu Reeves Hollywood Home Targeted

Action star Keanu Reeves targeted by Ski-masked burglars…Again!

keanu reeves home invasion

Credit Image: Keanu Reeves Fan Account @keanuital

Originally reported by TMZ on Friday, officials confirmed that masked men broke into the home but fled before police arrived.

Officials confirmed that home had been burglarised on Wednesday at around 1am after they responded to the alarm sounding on the property.

Officers confirmed that at least one firearm had been taken but were unsure if anything else was missing.

However, this was not the only incident, though.

Earlier in the evening, police had responded to an anonymous call about a prowler lurking near the home at around 7pm.

But did not find anyone there.

However, during the actual break in, security cameras caught multiple masked assailants smashing through a window and entering the house.

Fortunately, Keanu Reeves was not home at the time.

keanu reeves home invasion

Credit Image: Keanu Reeves Fan Account @keanuital

Keanu Reeves Details

While we’re glad Keanu wasn’t home during this incident, and that as far as we know, no one has been hurt by the stolen weapon,

The actor has had a few close calls over the years.

Timeline of Incidents.

In fact, dating all the way back to 2014, the 59-year-old has had his share of crazy moments.

First incident occurred during August of 2014 when a woman broke into the actors L.A home during the early hours.

When he woke up, the actor found the woman sitting in his library.

The second incident occurred just days later, and while reeves wasn’t home during this incident, it left him considerably more rattled than the previous one.

And earlier this year, Keanu Reeves was granted a temporary restraining order against an alleged stalker that the actor had reportedly said was “harassing him.”

Sheesh! most celebrities get their share of crazy and scary fan encounters, but some take the cake more than others.

Still, glad Keanu Reeves is safe.

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