Did Trevor from Love is Blind threaten his ex-girlfriend? HOLR breaks down the alleged rumors.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @positivelyuncensored, Trevor from Love is Blind allegedly had a girlfriend while filming Season 6 and they dated the entire time.  He also allegedly dated her during his reportedly brief appearance on Perfect Match 2- which has not aired yet.

Trevor’s ex recently added context to their relationship on Instagram. His ex claimed that Trevor previously tried to call her before news broke that he had reportedly had a girlfriend while filming the show. His ex claimed that he was afraid of the potential backlash he would receive, as a result. She then alleged that he blocked her on social media.

She then claimed that he allegedly threatened her. However, as the TikToker claims, these threats have not been confirmed and remain alleged. Someone questioned whether it was true or not that he would expose an explicit tape to the woman’s son if her she had outed him. The ex reportedly responded by stating that this was reportedly true. She claimed that they spoke about what would happen if she did what she was doing right now and that he would allegedly try to “ruin” her life by sending intimate videos to her family, “specifically” her son.

Although there is no concrete evidence to support claims that this is true- regarding alleged threats made- what are you thoughts on these allegations involving Trevor from Love is Blind?

Published by HOLR Magaizne.

Image credits: @positivelyuncensored TikTok