Set your calendar for the launch of SKKN by Kim on June 21st! Kim Kardashian is the latest celebrity to release a skincare line as she begins her journey of rebranding herself.

Kim is undergoing significant changes in her life since her divorce from her ex-husband, Kanye West. From changes such as a new reality show with Hulu, a new relationship with Pete Davidson, and rediscovering her personal style, Kim is finally representing who she truly is. Her next endeavour is launching SKKN by Kim. With the shutdown of her cosmetic companies, KKW Beauty in August 2021 and KKW Fragrances in April 2022, Kim is beginning a whole new entrepreneurial adventure. On June 1st, 2022, she announced SKKN by Kim with an Instagram post explaining it is a sustainable and clean skincare line. The launch includes nine products that will rejuvenate and nourish the skin.  

Kim Kardashian for SKKN by Kim

Image Credit: Instagram @kimkardashian

SKKN by Kim Collection

The collection includes a cleanser ($43), toner ($45), exfoliator ($55), hyaluronic acid serum ($90), vitamin C8 serum ($90), face cream ($85), eye cream ($75), oil drops ($95), and a night oil ($95). These products are designed to be used in a nine-step skincare ritual. Skincare products can be confusing to purchase for the average consumer. Kim wants to solve this issue by bridging this gap between “dermatological experts” and “people at home seeking high-performance skincare.” She wants to educate customers with her user-friendly skincare system. Take a look at SKKN by Kim’s Instagram profile to see demos of how she uses her products.  

The collection of SKKN by Kim

Image Credit: Instagram @skkn

Kim is going sustainable and clean

The Kardashians never fail to impress with their packaging. Kim worked with Perron-Roettinger to develop branding and its packaging designs. Her stone-like, coloured collection features sleek, minimal bottles and chic geometric containers. With this brand, her mission is to minimize environmental impact. For example, each product comes in a biodegradable paper packaging. The Complete Collection ($575) also comes in a large recyclable paper mold. In addition, SKKN by Kim’s Instagram page has demonstrated that all products are designed to be refillable and that consumers will be able to purchase refills on the website at a lower price.

Packaging for SKKN by Kim

Image Credit: Instagram @kimkardashian

Refillable packaging

Image Credit: Instagram @skkn

By following the eco-friendly trend, Kim states that her products are “clean, cruelty-free, vegan, and thoughtfully formulated without gluten, sulfates, phenoxyethanol, BHT, and PEGs.” Kim is taking on innovative science practices to formulate clean, organic products for “all skin types, tones, and textures” of different ages. To ensure the quality of her products, she has worked with the “world’s top dermatologists and estheticians.”

Her skincare collection is available to shop on June 21st, 2022. However, this is just the beginning of SKKN by Kim. Kim has stated on the “Not Skinny but Not Fat” podcast in April that her dream is to have everything under one name. It is just a matter of time before we see her release makeup and fragrances again!  

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