Kim Petras fell on stage while performing recently. HOLR has more information.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @davidduchesne, German singer-songwriter Kim Petras took a tumble while performing at one of her tour stops recently.


hope you’re OK for real! Sending u hugs and kisses @kim petras you were PERFECT tonight thank you ?⚔️ #castleinthesky #feedthebeasttour #kimpetras

♬ original sound – David Duchesne

Kim Petras Tour

The star was in the middle of performing when she fell down the stage during one of her recent concert stops. She smiled and laughed immediately following the incident and went back to performing while gracefully getting back up to continue her set.

Overall, Petras looked like she handled the incident well, as she laughed it off and continued singing her song. She got right back into the spirit of performing and carried on as if nothing had happened, as you can see in the viral video moment that’s making its rounds online.

Kim Petras Toronto

Petras is expected to perform in Toronto this week as she continues on her Feed The Beast World Tour.

What do you think of the viral video moment? Petras looked like she handled the situation well!

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