Kitchen renovations can be the most costly ones, but they sure spruce up your place a lot. Selecting the right kitchen countertop can be a little confusing, given the many options available in the market. Countertops play an essential role in setting the tone for your kitchen and how you use it. Since it is the site of all types of food preparations, it is expected to be durable and aesthetically appealing. In addition, it should be made of a material that can withstand heat and scratches. You will also need to ensure that you select a cost-effective material, as remodeling can be pretty expensive. However, with the numerous options available, it can be a bit intimidating to make a perfect choice. So, to help you out here’s a short guide on how you can select the best material for your kitchen countertops. 

Durability Of Material  

Most people assume that the selection of a countertop material primarily depends on its visual appearance; however, you first need to consider the material’s durability before anything else. If you go for looks and not functionality, your countertop will not be able to withstand its daily use, and your money will go down the drain. It is therefore essential to first consider how you and your family use the kitchen countertop. You should ask yourself questions like how often you cook, will you have to face wear and tear from having children in your house, and how long you plan to live in your house. The answers to these questions will help you determine which material to select, as per your family’s requirements. 

A great way to accommodate your family’s different cooking requirements is to get multiple materials for your countertops. For example, you could get a butcher’s block or in-built cutting board for your chopping needs and a marble countertop if you like to bake. Mixing and matching countertop materials will also ensure that you spend less.  

Maintenance Needs 

You need to ask yourself how much you’re willing to spend on the maintenance of your countertop. While some materials require constant maintenance and upkeep, others can be easily cleaned and don’t require much attention. Though little maintenance will still be necessary, you can use different plastic and HDPE sheets that can be used to protect the material against excessive damage. Therefore, before you decide on a countertop solely on the basis of its looks, you need to consider its maintenance requirements and if you’d be willing to keep up with it. Usually, porous materials including limestone, marble, and granite require yearly oiling and sealing services, whereas non-porous materials like quartz require a simple cleanup. Resealing and refinishing are everyday maintenance needs that most countertop materials require.

Space Requirements 

Knowing the measurements of countertop space will help you estimate the amount of material required. You can gather information from different companies and countertop service providers and compare and contrast pricing with this information. This will help you understand which brand and material you should prefer based on their pricing.  

Your Budget 

The cost of countertop materials ranges from very high to very low, depending on the quality of the material. Though it primarily depends on the quality of the material, most countertop materials are designed to last long, maybe indefinitely. After you’ve decided on your preferred materials, you should check the pricing and match it with your budget. If material is out of your range, you can opt for a similar yet less costly material. For example, if you want a marble countertop, but it’s not in your price range, you can select a similar-looking quartz material. 

Materials and Colours That Matches Your Home

Finally, the most crucial consideration when selecting your kitchen’s countertop material is which material and color would suit the aesthetic of your kitchen. Make sure the material you select goes well with the color scheme and design of your kitchen. For example, you can’t select a rustic material for your countertop if your kitchen design is modern, as it will look out of place. Also, remember that your kitchen design and the color scheme might change over time while replacing countertops will not always be feasible. For this, you should select a color and material that can go well with various color schemes and kitchen layouts. 

Remodeling and renovations can be fun if you do everything right. Although there are many things to consider when making an upgrade like this, as it involves a good amount of money. Make sure that you select a countertop material that is both functional and fashionable. It should be able to withstand regular activity while accenting your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Published on Holr Magazine