When we feel exhausted and tired, one of the first things that comes to our mind might be getting a massage. When we can spare time for personal care, we want to throw ourselves into the nearest spa to have a massage all day long and try different therapies. There are many unknown benefits of massage therapies known by everyone. 

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Guest post provided by Veronica Ruth 


What are the benefits of massage?

The benefits of massage therapies, especially those used to relieve muscle and bone pain, are too numerous to count. The most important benefit of massage is that it reduces stress hormones and prevents the emergence of stress-based diseases. When the massage is applied, the body relaxes and is free of stress. Nowadays, one of the issues agreed on by the medical world is that many diseases are more commonly observed based on stress. 

Temporary and permanent effects of stress in people who have regular massage application can be reduced or even completely destroyed. This benefit, which is caused by the relaxation of the body and the release of stress hormones, also stops the signs of aging in the skin! One of the benefits of massage is that it stimulates the circulatory system and accelerates blood flow — allowing faster healing of skin and tissue injuries. So make sure to get your regular massages!


Massage Types and Benefits


Reflexology Massage

Reflexology massage, which is the most popular among the regional massages, is applied only to the feet. It’s based on solving certain problems in the entire body by focusing on certain nerve points on the sole of the foot. The property provides a great relief for long standing people, and a special pressure level is determined and massage is started.


Hot Stone Massage

Applied as a result of geological movements on earth with volcanic stones, the stones are placed in certain parts of the body after heating. Thanks to the heat, blood flow in the area of ​​the stones accelerates and the cells reach more oxygen. In this way, renewal of tissues, reduction of signs of aging in the skin and rejuvenation effects are provided.


Sports Massage

Particularly preferred by professional and amateurs interested in physical sports, the massage benefits from muscle hardening, healing of cramps and tissue damage. This kind of massage also helps protect the health of muscles and tissues.


Thai Massage

As can be seen from the name of Thailand’s massage to the world —  stretching, stretching and stretching movements are applied. It aims to balance the pressure applied to the energy points in the body. The benefits of thai massage, which has a longer application time compared to other massages, can be shown to help the body flex and relieve pain.


Aromatherapy Massage

This kind of massage is one of the most known types of massage in the world. It’s carried out with the help of essential oils obtained from the roots, leaves or flowers of plants which are the gift of nature to humanity. Starting with the selection of aromatic oil according to the person’s complaints and expectations. Relaxing, soothing and regulating flavors may be preferred as well as energizing essences.


Classic Swedish Massage

The hand is carried out with the help of the forearms and elbows. The benefits of massage include reducing muscle tension. This relaxing massage helps you to feel more vigorous at the end of the therapy.


So there you have it — all the different types of massages you should get for a number of benefits. For more on health and lifestyle, make sure to follow us @HOLRMagazine.