It is very important that you find the perfect immigration lawyer because you do not want a low-quality or compromised representation. It does not matter whether you are just looking to go for a visit or as a tourist, for study/work purposes, or perhaps you intend to apply for a resident permit, the immigration lawyer that you consult with must know their field well. The most confusing and overwhelming process is deciding on where you need to begin this expedition. However, before you go about looking for an immigration lawyer, you must be aware of 6 vital things that we are sharing below. 

Check If They Specialize in Family Immigration & VISA

This is very important and something that several law firms often include as part of the immigration law specialties. However, if you are hiring an attorney whose area of expertise is not immigration law, then the chaotic and high-pressure environment of immigration may overwhelm your lawyer as well. An experienced lawyer whose expertise and strength is in immigration is your best pick because they have dedicated their careers to VISA immigration cases and truly understand the finer details and complications of these issues. An experienced immigration lawyer can easily find quick solutions that address the unique case-related problems because they may have already dealt with something similar or exactly the same. 

Are They a Member of an Immigration Association?

You must be aware of their membership status as an immigration lawyer. Every country has an immigration association and it works as an endorsement for the lawyers. Because of the complications of immigration law, you need to double-check everything and ensure that the attorney you are considering to opt for has a valid profile. Having a membership in an immigration lawyers’ association is also an indication of a lawyer’s commitment to the field. This also shows that the lawyer is staying up to date with the recent developments in the field. 

Look for Any Instance of Reprimand or Dishonesty

You must do enough background research before hiring an immigration lawyer to find out any undesirable aspects if there are any. It is important to ensure that the attorney you are going for has not been disciplined for dishonest behavior in past cases. In the court system, there is no place for overenthusiastic or dishonest behavior. Moreover, the most alarming fact is that your case can be drastically affected by the negative behavior or profile of your attorney. To find out more about this, you must always check the profile of your lawyer via his/her online website. Check reviews by previous clients and decide if the lawyer seems to be trustworthy. 

How Impressive is Their Case Profile?

Before you sign up for a lawyer, you need to evaluate their case profile. To do this, you must be aware of the number of cases that they have handled and the outcome that followed eventually. For obvious reasons, you should side with the attorney with most cases and most wins. You may also go for a free consultation with the lawyer you are considering working with and ask about this directly instead of second-guessing. A reputable lawyer will be quite glad to share these details with you. 

How Experienced Are They?

It is important that your immigration lawyer has sufficient experience and has been practicing law for a long time. There is no alternative or replacement for experience and expertise, and with this comes the knowledge of immigration courts. You should go for the most experienced or well-practiced lawyer because they understand law enforcement quite well and they are also well aware of the strategies through which your case can get a favorable review. 

Check the Cost and Time They Can Dedicate

This should be a decisive step because if a lawyer is unaffordable or does not have time for your case, you should not opt for him/her. So, before deciding on anything else, you should find out the financial details. You must be aware of the retainer fee that you will have to pay, what the hourly charges are, and how frequently you will be billed. You should also check to see if your attorney has a heavy caseload because if your case will not get the required attention, then you must consider another option. 


With the above suggestions, you should be able to find the perfect attorney for your immigration case. However, you need not hurry and make decisions on a whim because it is important to select an immigration lawyer who knows how to best represent your case. So, take your time and do the needed background search. You must also schedule a free consultation with the lawyer and have a discussion about the aspects we shared above and your case. This should help you gain more clarity and you will end up selecting the best immigration attorney to represent you.