Porsche Canada is celebrating women in the best way this year for International Women’s Day. Porsche wanted to team up with women from all different industries and fields and share their stories of drive and determination. 

Porsche x Hyla

Empowering women should be something we do every day, and including International Women’s Day, Porsche is sharing the stories of five businesswomen, including Hyla Nayeri, Toronto business owner and designer of luxury swimwear company 437. 

Hyla Nayeri was 21 years old and a student at Queen’s University when she and her best friend realized that the swimwear industry was lacking what they were looking for. When it came to style, shape and flattery, Hyla and her co-founder realized if they wanted what they were looking for, they would need to make it themselves. 

Eventually, 437 was officially born and a brand that represented different body shapes and figures while still looking flattering and sexy became a successful hit. For Hyla, 437 is about empowering women, and not only is it the brand philosophy but it is also her own. Hyla says “What inspires me is seeing women lift each other up, whether it’s through career, friendship or anything, that is something that means a lot to me giving a helping hand.” 

Porsche X Hyla

As Porsche and Hyla have teamed up to celebrate these women, it is inspiring to see a young woman like Hyla both juggle a young adult life, and be businesswomen to a multi-million dollar company. Porsche is giving women like Hyla a voice to share their stories, stories that will show other hard-working women, and even young women know that they too can become successful.

Porsche Canada created this campaign to showcase women by capturing each of the 5 journeys they have been on, from humble beginnings to professional successes. These 5 chosen women are among the many whose drive and determination are unmatched. Including Hyla, who in 4 short years her very successful swimwear company has annual revenue growth of 500%. This is the type of success that Porsche wants to showcase especially Hyla, and her attitude and ambition that is inspiring. Hyla quotes, “my motto in life is what you think, you become” and that is exactly the #DriveDefinesHer that Porsche Canada wants to showcase.