Kourtney Kardashian Leads Fans To Believe She Is ‘Team Selena’ After Recent Promo

The Internet is in shambles once again with this ‘Team Selena/Team Hailey’ debate and we have Kourtney Kardashian to thank for that.

‘Lemme,’ Kardashians vitamin brand uploaded a promotional post with Gomez’s song, ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants,’ playing in the back.


Is Kourtney showing love to Selena or shading? I think she’s the only sister who makes her own decision’s regardless of what her family thinks ??‍♀️

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In this Tiktok, user @laurenisgossip explains the situation perfectly. Noting that throughout the whole scandal between the two celebrities, the Kar-Jenner clan was openly supporting Bieber the whole time, except for Kourtney.

Users online are thrilled with this idea of a new friendship between Kourtney and Selena, but others aren’t sold that this move was a genuine one.

Some users believe that Kardashians’ marketing team did this on purpose to get people talking about the new product.

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One wrote, “I think that her advertising team chose a Selena song on purpose to get people talking about the product.”

Another wrote, “OR It’s just marketing lol,” in response to whether this was shade towards Bieber or a pure coincidence.

Whether this post was an attempt to share where Kourt stands on the drama or a marketing ploy, it seems the job was been performed just as intended.

Is Enough Enough?

Selena Gomez And Hailey Bieber have both publically addressed the drama and attempted to diffuse the situation. For the time being, it seemed to have worked but internet trolls online have dug up anything in order to keep it going.

The Biebers were seen at SZA’s concert in Los Angeles a few weeks ago where they were recorded singing the lyrics to, ‘Kill Bill.’

For those who don’t know, the lyrics to this song are mainly about dissing an ex, Team Selena fans found this unacceptable and decided to share their feelings on this clip.


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♬ kill bill by sza – lyrics e traduções.

The comments were filled with people siding with Selena and throwing around the narrative that Justin didn’t want to be there.

It looks like the Team Selena/Team Hailey scandal will only end once outside parties believe enough is enough.

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