Did Selena Gomez respond to an old TikTok of Hailey Bieber’s? Fans think so!

According to this article, Selena Gomez has responded to a now-deleted TikTok by Hailey Bieber that has resurfaced online. Apparently, a Tiktok user- @ellenacuario reposted a TikTok (here) that seemingly hinted that Hailey Bieber’s own TikTok video was “an attack” on Gomez.

In Bieber’s video, she is accompanied by friends Kendall Jenner and Justine Skye. The three of them can be seen sipping on drinks and lip-syncing to the TikTok audio, “I’m Not Saying She Deserved It, But I’m Saying God’s Timing Is Always Right” (God’s Timing Is always right – Nathaniel)

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Image Credit: @ellenacuario TikTok

In @ellenacuario’s TikTok she slams Bieber’s actions, stating: “Is she for real? Did she really?”  Her caption also reads: “The whole BALDWIN clan needs to go” as mentioned here.

Gomez ended up commenting on the video stating, “It’s ok! I don’t let these things get me down! Be nice to everyone! x.”

Bieber ended up deleting the original video shortly after it was posted due to other users assuming the TikTok was directed towards Gomez.

What do you think about Bieber’s TikTok and Gomez’s comment?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

The duo dated on and off for approximately 8 years between the years of 2010 and 2018. Bieber proposed to his now wife, Hailey, in July of 2018.

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