Fans Call Out Kylie Jenner For ‘False Advertising’ Her New Mascara Launch

Kylie Cosmetics announced a new product to their catalogue yesterday which has fans’ heads tilted sideways.

Via Instagram @kyliejenner

Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to announce her ‘first-ever mascara.’  Unfortunately, it seems the post didn’t get the response she was hoping for.

Fans believe that her campaign is misleading and a scam.

One user comments, “Okay but can we see the mascara without the lash extensions?”

Another user commented, “But you clearly have lash extensions.”

Via Instagram @kyliejenner

The photo above is currently the center of the conversation, users online are convinced that the self-made billionaire has eyelash extensions on in order to enhance the look of her mascara.

The top comment on the post mentioned Mikayla Nogueira who found herself in a situation like this a few months back while promoting L’Oreal mascara.

Mascaragate 2.0?

Back in January, Mikayla Nogueira-A TikTok beauty-gru found herself in quite the scandal after promoting a L’Oreal mascara.

Fans called her out for false advertising, flooding the comments with things like,

“Girl… that’s an Ardell wispy,” and “Maybe it’s L’Oreal, maybe it’s Ardell.”

Via Tiktok @mikaylanogueira

This scandal caused quite a hysteria online. So much hysteria that Jeffree Star made a video on the matter and explained to his viewers to not believe everything they see online.

you guys are allowed to like whoever you want, respect whoever you want, watch whoever you want but be careful. Do not be influenced so easily by people.” Star says, “A lot of these people are accepting money, they have things to pay for, they got a life to live. It makes me very uncomfortable, the beauty space has changed immensely,” Star explains.

Clearly, Star’s speech didn’t leave people’s brains as they are not believing in Kylie Jenner’s new product.

Published By: HOLR Magazine