Netflix’s ‘Bling Empire’ star Blake Abbie admitted he finds it hard to meet people he’s ‘really into’ as reported by Page Six Magazine.

The Canadian actor of Chinese and Scottish descent, Blake Abbie, told Page Six, “I don’t think of myself all that sexy, if I’m honest,” and stressed, “Like, it’s hard for me to find people that I really connect with … and that’s really important to me.”

The magazine editor-at-large is only interested in meaningful relationships, explaining, “Like it’s about an emotional connection,” adding, “Intellectual connection is actually really kind of at the top.” 

Image credit: Instagram

During his interview, the reality show star confessed that being one of the few queer Asian people, he often feels “more pressure” to represent the community saying, “I live my life in the way that I live my life, and I don’t necessarily explicitly think of myself as an activist,” adding, “But, you know, I’m an advocate for the community. And so, yeah, I think it’s important to be talking about it. It’s really important to me to be able to share a story about queerness where there’s no shame.”

Besides, Blake Abbie hopes to shed light on the increasing violence against Asian Americans, commenting, “That was a really important storyline for me to talk about,” implying that his cousin was mugged before appearing on the show and added, “I mean, Asian violence is still happening now.” 

Published by HOLR Magazine.