What is ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ 2023?

Following the success of the television show, ‘The Last of Us’ gets a new Halloween twist at Universal Studios in California and Florida.

The event that claims the scariest night of the year has a long rich history starting all the way back to 1986.

But the Halloween Horror Nights officially began in 1992 and claims a multitude of events.

Including haunted houses from shows like ‘Stranger Things’, ‘The Exorcist’, ‘Chucky’, ‘Evil Dea and the event to see ‘The Last of Us.’

Click this link to visit the Universal Studios for things to do this Halloween.

Halloween Horror Nights theme ‘The Last of Us’ Reportedly “captures something”.

For this event, according to Entertainment Tonight, participants in the haunted maze are up against infected mutants.

This event is said to be one of the most literal renditions to ever happen at Halloween Horror Nights.

However, Neil Druckmann one of the men behind the popular video game described the maze as an experience the game and show couldn’t touch.

“There’s something really special about this experience, but how do you articulate it? You want to put the players in the game.”

And going into detail he said that they were “already in the game and deciding what to do” but through a 2D frame.

“What if you break that frame and now, they’re surrounded by it, and you can walk, and you can touch it, and you can feel it, you could smell it. And it’s a different kind of an emotional experience,” he said.

It does sound like fun, doesn’t it?

How did it all come about?

According to Game Spot, the whole project had been two years in the making, and it all started with a tweet.

In the tweet the writer of ‘The Last of Us’ game expressed his desire for the characters Joel and Ellie to become part of HHN.

the last of us halloween horror nights

Credit Image: HBO/ The Last of Us

Druckmann himself confirmed that it only took a day for someone with the park to reach out to him.

And now, ‘The Last of Us’ joins the annual Halloween event for people to enjoy on each coast.

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