Fans think that Sarah Ann and Jeramey from Love is Blind are together following the latest episode drop.

CAUTION: Love is Blind new episode drop spoilers ahead

Jeramey and Laura Love is Blind

According to the newest episodes of Love is Blind Season 6, Jeramey and Laura are no longer engaged. T

he duo had an argument about Jermaey’s whereabouts one night after it was revealed he met up with one of his other pod love interests, Sarah Ann. Following their argument, the pair allegedly did not talk for a few days. Jeramey tried to reach out to Laura but Laura was reportedly not having it, as discovered in the latest episodes of the series. Jeramey also admitted to packing up Laura’s stuff for her. As the couple split on episode 11, Laura literally told Jeramey to, “go kick rocks with open-toe f*cking shoes.”

Jeramey and Sarah Ann Love is Blind

Following Jeramey and Laura’s argument on the show, fans think that Jeramey and Sarah Ann have moved on together in real life. As a result, fans have seemingly recognized the backdrop from Sarah Ann’s recent posts on social media as outlined in this TikTok video posted by user @shelbybrockhome. Fans think that Sarah Ann is filming content in Jeramey’s bedroom causing speculation online about their current relationship.

Although some fans are not convinced that this is the same backdrop, others are. However, these claims have not been confirmed- or denied- by Sarah Ann or Jeramey.

Sarah Ann and AD Love is Blind

In the same new episode, AD pulled Sarah Ann aside to ask her about her intentions when DM’ing Jeramey on social media following his engagement to Laura. “You don’t think it’s a little outlandish to tell a man who just got engaged that, ‘If the door is still open..'” said AD to Sarah Ann. Sarah Ann defended her actions and stated that Jeramey left the door open for her from her perspective. Sarah Ann alleged Jeramey claimed he was breaking everything off (seemingly in regard to Laura).

“So you knew they were engaged when you sent the DM and you just went with it?” questioned AD. AD also expressed that she thinks Sarah Ann’s actions were “crazy” in response to the DM message to Jeramey.

“You know she’s engaged to this man and not giving them a fighting chance,” said AD to Sarah Ann. “He did not choose you.”

“I’m team Laura,” claimed AD after their conversation. It’s evident that Jeramey and Sarah Ann still have a connection following their one-on-one conversation so it will be interesting to see how their relationship plays out on or off the show. “I made the wrong decision in the pods,” claimed Jeramey, referring to his decision to pick Laura instead of Sarah Ann. “I had every indication in front of me that you and I should have done this together.”

Although it remains unconfirmed if Jeramey and Sarah Ann are actually together or not to this day, what are your thoughts on what transpired on screen with the rest of the cast, recently on the latest episode drop? We will have to see how the rest of this season plays out. 

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