Are Zack and Bliss still together? Fans have been speculating since the duo got together on the latest episodes of Netflix’s Love is Blind.

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Will Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi make it as a couple? The duo are engaged in the latest episodes that dropped on Love is Blind. Their newfound IRL relationship follows Zack’s recent split from another Love is Blind cast member, Irina.

Are Bliss and Zack together?

Zack was previously engaged to Irina Solomonova on Netflix’s Love is Blind. However, once the two had a rocky few days of meeting and getting to know one another, they mutually agreed to go their separate ways. As a result, Zack decided to reach out to another cast member- Bliss- to rekindle their connection upon returning back to Seattle.

Bliss and Zack went on a couple of dates before Zack popped the question of asking Bliss to marry him to which she responded, “Yes.”

However, since the two have made their connection official, Bliss has had a hard time feeling like Zack’s second choice.

The latest season of Love is Blind is still ongoing so we will have to wait and see whether these two make it down the aisle or not but as of this moment it seems like they have a lot of communicating to go through in order to get on the same page in their relationship.

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Bliss and Irina Love is Blind

Bliss and Irina did not see eye to eye during their initial time in the pods as cast members. The pair could be seen in the girl’s lounge getting into a bit of drama over their shared connection with Zack.

As mentioned in this article, when Bliss was making Zack cupcakes for his birthday, Irina asked to borrow a candle which Bliss declined. Irina admitted to forgetting Zack’s birthday.

Zack and Bliss Love is Blind Reddit

The topic of Zack and Bliss on Love is Blind has been making waves on Reddit with this popular thread-

“When Bliss was talking about how she’s better than Irina and Zack goes “No no no, not Better” – and then goes “there’s that pretentiousness” …. ummm, did anyone else think that was a bit weird to say or just awkward.

Bliss has proven to be of better value as partner to Zack and a friend to others in the pods – compared to Irina. I feel Bliss is able to say that she knows she’s better than her and it be true.

Zack viewing her as pretentious.. makes it seem rude.. like saying she doesn’t hold up to the stature that she sees herself as.

am I viewing it wrong?”

To which commenters began posting their thoughts and opinions on the duo’s relationship.

“Zack has a bad and toxic habit of cutting people off or speaking over them. A lot of lawyers are like that, and for good reason, professionally. But personally, we see exactly how it looks and can extrapolate what it feels like (or already know from experience). I like Zack but that is something I think he should work on.”

“He’s desperate to show his life a certain way. He wanted a wife, anyone would do. And let’s be real, Bliss is better.”

“Agreed! He should be able to say that irina was his first choice but bliss is the better choice and that’s really what she needed to hear”

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