Ronnie from Love Island UK is going viral for his… hair?!

Ronnie Love Island UK Hair

June 14, 2024– Ronnie Vint from Love Island UK is going viral for his hair. This tweet on X posted by @J1one_ as shown in this TikTok video by user @angestisa alleges that something is up with Ronnie’s hair as it looks inconsistent in footage of him on the show.

Love Island UK Ronnie Hair

There are a lot of rumors floating around surrounding Ronnie’s hair after footage of him started circulating online seemingly showing his hair looking… different. Theories such as a wig, spray paint or a hair transplant have been running rampant online following these alleged photos circulating on the internet of his time in the villa.

What’s the truth?

Love Island UK Ronnie Hair Reddit

This Reddit thread discusses allegations surrounding Ronnie’s hair.

“I noticed this too! Is it a wig or a spray paint type thing? Regardless his hairline is very different here,” said one user in the comment section of the discussion thread regarding Ronnie’s hair.

Another user also stated it could be a “thickening spray.” “It’s a sort of thickening spray that adds colour, you can spray it onto very very fine and thinning hair to make it look like there’s more. That’s why it has that matte finish,” claimed the user.

“My immediate guess is that he recently got a hair transplant that hasn’t fully grown out yet. so he can’t cut it off cause he needs it to grow in, but it doesn’t match his natural hair yet, so we’re getting a filled in middle version with spray,” alleged another user.

Although we don’t know the full story and Ronnie has not come forward to address these alleged hair claims, what are your thoughts on the viral footage and subsequent theories? 

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Image Credit: @angestisa TikTok, @J1one_ X

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