Lululemon invites all runners to feel closer to their run. They provide their new high-performance gear, inspiring ambassadors, motivational stories and the essential tools to keep runners motivated, connected and supported. Fall in love with the sport with their new collection. 

Running has gained more and more popularity over the past few years. Even so, it remains exclusionary, inaccessible and even dangerous for some who are looking to practice it. On top of that, usually, the apparel for the workout is not ideal and it can stop you from reaching your highest potential. 

Lululemon acknowledges the pioneers who are pushing the boundaries to break the stigma of what a runner ‘should’ be. Their new running collection is the ideal addition to enjoy the sport and feel comfortable, safe and supported during practice. From leggings to sport-bras, and race briefs, there is definitely a piece for everyone. 

Inclusivity plays a major part in this collection. The wide range of sizes they provide makes it that no one is left out and everyone can enjoy the pieces and get the best out of their run. 

Every item is made with a technology that makes it perfect for running and training. They are made with seamless construction, which avoids and prevents chafing and provides the best comfort overall. 

The energy Bra High Neck Long Line Rib gives medium support and it is available in B-D cup sizes. The Swift Speed High-Rise Tight made with the Luxtreme fabric are so reliable for any track and, the best part about them is that they have pockets so you don’t have to worry about carrying anything on your hands. 

Lululemon also wants to inspire and give you the push you need to start running and enjoying the sport. They provide training guides, tutorials, and workouts for everyone looking to begin their running journey. From your first jog to your fiftieth race, they support all the reasons you run. Find tips and tricks to elevate every step.

Their ambassadors have inspiring stories that will give anyone the motivation they need to start. One of the new faces of this collection is Mirna Valerio, the ultramarathoner, trailblazer and author. Her story is the perfect example of perseverance and leaving prejudice behind and gaining confidence. 

Mirna Valerio is a former educator, cross-country coach, and ultrarunner from Brooklyn, NY. She began running in high school and recommitted to the sport after a health scare in 2008. Now, she is a lululemon Global Ambassador who promotes inclusivity, accessibility and diversity in running. 


How did your interest in running and overall journey running begin?
I grew up in Brooklyn and many of my cousins lived in the same building. My earliest memory of running was with my cousins, playing games that inspired us to move and even sprint like Red Light/Green Light, Tag, Hide and Seek. 
I have many fond run memories, but a few years ago, I set out to do the Lenape Trail 50K. It is an unofficial race that starts in Newark, New Jersey and ends in South Mountain in Central New Jersey. Even though I would eventually call it at mile 10 because the snow was too deep (I didn’t own running snowshoes yet!) and it was extremely cold and icy. I was teetering on the edge of extreme fatigue from work and increasingly public life, but I had a GREAT time!  I had stopped at a diner to warm up with some coffee and a piece of toast, and then I decided to call it. I didn’t feel bad at all! I knew I’d get at least 20 miles in (which is a great length for a long run and I wouldn’t risk getting lost in the dark, in knee deep snow. There weren’t many people out running or doing anything outside that bright and sunny day. But on my way back to the start, a woman who was running in the opposite direction yelled out to me, saying: “We just need to do this, right? People think we are crazy, but we need this, sister. WE NEED THIS!”  I smiled big, wished her a warm day, found a twenty-dollar bill lying on the ground, and finished my run. 
Running gives us so many more things than just finishing. It is the gift of movement, of heart and of community.

What gives you the motivation to continue running?

There is a sweet spot with running. Some days it is super challenging and others it seems easy. So I try to live in the sweet spot. The in-between. My motivation is to keep running on those days I don’t feel my best and to put miles in the bank of wellness and longevity with any run I do; also, I always feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually after a run. 

Can you tell us a bit more about your partnership with lululemon and what it represents for the running community?
I’m so honoured to be a part of lululemon’s Run on Feel campaign. The campaign is about promoting inclusivity, accessibility and diversity within the running community and allows runners to unlock their fullest potential. My role as Global Ambassador will be supporting the growth of the global running community and working closely with lululemon’s Design and Whitespace teams supporting the creation of future products.  

I’ll also be joined by a group of renowned runners including Jasmine Blocker, Charlie Dark, Samantha Gash and Coffey where we’ll be appearing in the global Run On Feel campaign encouraging runners to feel closer to their run.

Is there anything you believe needs to be improved in the running community?
I would like to get rid of terms like “real runner” or “runner’s body”. If you have a body and run, then you ostensibly have a runner’s body. In my experience, the vast majority of the running community lives and breathes this idea, but there will always be a handful of folks who like to draw lines in the sand for no good reason but to elevate themselves. We can all be elevated in this beautiful, most human sport. I say, let’s stomp on these lines and run together, or alone, or fast or slow, with a shuffling or like a gazelle. It’s all running, and what’s most important is moving forward.


What advice would you give to someone who is interested in starting their running journey? Running is not just about staying active for me, it is the gift of movement, a community to be a part of and that feeling of conquering my next challenge. Running gives me motivation, challenges me in many different ways, allows me to meet incredible people and breathes excitement into my life. If you are new to running, welcome! Set your own pace, create your own challenges and try not to compare yourself to other runners – comparison is the thief of the joy that your own run gives you.