Mackenzie McKee house fire livestream video footage. HOLR breaks down what happened.

Mackenzie McKee Fire

According to this TikTok video posted by user @createchaosgossip, TV personality Mackenzie McKee house caught on fire during a live stream she was doing on social media- and it’s all captured on camera!


Mackenzie McKee Live Stream

The Teen Mom star was in the middle of doing a livestream when one of her children seemingly caught the house on fire. In the viral clip, McKee is seen talking to the camera when all of a sudden chaos erupts in the background.

Someone in the back can be heard yelling, “Mom, mom!”

That’s when McKee runs out of the frame and you can hear yelling in the video. You can also see flames growing in a mirror in the clip. Allegedly, McKee put the fire out with a broom while out of frame, as noted in this related article. McKee’s son, Broncs, was there when it happened but supposedly, it was her other son- Gannon- who accidentally set an object on fire.

Once the situation was under control, Gannon then claimed- while in the frame- “Mom, that was freakin’ scary.” (here)

McKee can then be seen coming back into the frame claiming that a “little thing” just caught on fire. She can also be heard consoling her son while the camera is still rolling.

What are your thoughts on this viral clip?

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