Blue Lagoon Ferry Sinking is trending online. Here’s what happened.

Caution: The following video footage contains content viewers may find distressing

Blue Lagoon Ferry Accident

According to this TikTok video posted by user @climeradar, terrifying video footage shows a catamaran carrying more than 100 people sinking while traveling to a private island.


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Bahamas Blue Lagoon

The Bahamas boat excursion ended in tragedy after tourists had no choice but to go into the ocean with their children to escape the sinking ferry. In the video, the boat can be seen capsizing as people frantically try to climb to safety on nearby boats. In this related video footage posted by user @_brittanyle_, you can see people in the water with life jackets and floatation devices in the water waiting for safety.


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Blue Lagoon Boat Sinking

As mentioned in this related article, tragic news revealed that a U.S. tourist, who is an unidentified 74-year-old woman, died in the Bahamas after the catamaran sank. Accoridng to this article, two other passengers were supposedly taken to a hospital for treatment. As noted in the article, witnesses claimed that “two huge waves clobbered them” on the boat while in the water. According to witnesses, the ferry lifted at about 75 degrees after the waves hit. It was traveling to Blue Lagoon Island, which was 100 yards away at this point. However, the choppy waters made the area unswimmable.

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