HOLR is breaking down the latest details involving a shooting at a Sweet 16 party in Alabama.

As mentioned here, there have been updates involving the shooting at a Sweet 16 party in Alabama.

The mass shooting happened at approximately 10:30 p.m. on Saturday in Dadeville, Alabama in which a high school football payer was shot dead along with 3 others. Apparently more than 20 people were shot at the party which was being held for the victim’s sister, and Phil Dowdell is one of the first victims to be identified.

He was a senior and was celebrating his sister Alexis’ birthday at Mahogany Masterpiece dance studio where in which a fight allegedly broke out leading to shots being fired.

Dowdell’s mother was one of 20 others who were injured during the incident, however, she survived. An update involving Alexis, whom they were all celebrating, has not been released just yet.

Officers have also not released any updates involving potential suspects. They did not reveal if any arrests had been made.

HOLR will continue to keep an eye on this story.

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