Madeline Kingsbury has been missing since March 31 after disappearing after drop-off. Where is she?

Madeline Kingsbury is a mother of two from Minnesota. Kingsbury mysteriously went missing after drop-off and volunteers have been working to locate her. Kingsbury allegedly went missing under “involuntary” and “suspicious circumstances,” as mentioned here.

Madeline Kingsbury Husband

The 26-year-old woman allegedly went missing after she dropped her children off at daycare with her partner, whose identity has been hidden as noted here. The father- “who has not been described specifically by police as her husband” reportedly mentioned that they got home and he left for work around 10 in the morning. When he got home later that day, Kingsbury was supposedly gone.

When Kingsbury did not return to pick her children up from daycare, things got concerning. A massive search has since been underway, as residents of City of Winona, Wilson Township, and Hillsdale Township searched to help find Kingsbury.

As Kingsbury’s partner was the last to see her, he is currently under a public microscope regarding where she could’ve gone.

Madeline Kingsbury Reddit

Reddit users have taken to the platform to discuss recent findings. One thread has alleged that a search warrant has been carried out the ex-partner’s house, but these reports have not yet been confirmed. Users are continuing to update Reddit with any new news that may lead to Kingsbury’s location.

HOLR will continue to follow this story as new updates emerge.

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